Ironfest 2021 Expression of Interest


Gather ’round, O IronKin, and hunker down!

Ironfest 2021 Gothic “Redux”
Dates: April 24 and 25
Times: 9am – 6pm Sat & 9am – 5pm Sun
For those people new to Ironfest, it is a cool arts festival with a metal edge, featuring art exhibitions, stalls, live music, street performance, blacksmith demonstrations, historical re-enactments, including Medieval jousting & Gran Melee, Napoleonic-era battle re-enactments & C20th battle re-enactment; circus shows, Cosplay & Steampunk; Workshops, automotive displays, educational, historical and technological displays and lots, lots more!Keep tuned to our program page which will start to announce events as they evolve.


Ironfest 2019 Once Upon A Time

Memories from the amazing 2019 20th Anniversary Celebrations.