2017 Schedule & Program of Events

There is so much coming to Ironfest 2017

While this year’s Lost World title was inspired by Conan Doyle’s novel by that name, the themes for Ironfest 2017 should in no way be limited by that. Think: old world, new world, lost civilizations: Lost in Space; Atlantis, deserted islands (Gilligan’s Island), pristine valleys, ancient rock formations & rock art, dinosaurs, explorers, lost worlds, bygone eras; Wild West; lost trades: blacksmiths, toolmakers, fletchers, coopers, weavers, spinners, hatmakers; designer makers of all kinds; & lots more (feel free to create your own); & then we have Steampunk …these are just some of the lost worlds of which we speak

Program of Events:
Ironfest Makers Guild Hall – Ironfest Medieval Tourney Ground – Ironfest Medieval Village – Ironfest 20th Century – Ironfest 19th Century – Ironfest Steampunk – Ironfest Cosplay – Ironfest Stalls – Ironfest Theatre – Ironfest Blacksmiths – Ironfest Machines – Ironfest Sci-fi – Ironfest Circus (Roving) – Ironfest World Dance – Ironfest Parade: Sat & Sun 3.45pm – Ironfest Kids

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Updated 9 April 2017 – 12pm

Times and events subject to change. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updated details.