Welcome to Ironfest – April 22-23 2017

“Ironfest is the festival where Anything Goes.”

HuffPost Australia 2016.
Ironfest Lithgow. An arts festival that explores the relationship between humans, metal and identity. Held annually at the Lithgow Showground in the middle of April, it brings together artists, designer-makers, blacksmiths, performers of all kind, musicians, steampunkers, historical re-enactors, machine enthusiasts & hobbyists from all over Australia & the World.

Ironfest 16 (Holy Grail) was another successful event with perfect weather and record crowds. We estimate that over 16,000 people attended. Thanks to every one of you and see you next year for #ironfest17 (Lost World).

April 22 & 23 (with a $5 preview Friday April 21)
Hrs: 3 – 6pm Friday; 9 – 5 Saturday & 9 – 5 Sunday
Location: Lithgow Showground
More Info TBA here & www.facebook.com/ironfest

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The Kingdom of Ironfest

46 minutes 33 seconds ago

just another lost world ...

The Kingdom of Ironfest

14 hours 12 minutes ago

Announcing: the draft World Dance Tent schedule for this year's Ironfest (subject to change without notice) - great work Nicole Kennedy

Saturday 22 April 2017
10am to 10.30am Kelly Hamilton- Singer
10.30am Highlands Dancers
10.45am Elisian Butterfly
11.00am Bashira Bellydance
11.15am Orange Tribal Fusion Belly dance
11.30am Aurora
11.45am Zhagareet
12.00pm Nadia
12.15pm Elisian Butterfly
12.30pm Free beginners class
1.15pm Nadia
1.30pm Sally Nouveau
1.45pm Orange Tribal Fusion Belly dance
2pm Aurora
2.15pm Zhagareet
2.30pm Kandos Bells
2.45pm Bashira Bellydance
3pm to 3.30pm Kelly Hamilton- Singer
3.30pm to 4pm Gaia Dreaming- drum circle

Sunday 23 April 2017
10am to 10.30am MayB
10.30am Buasavanh Tribal Belly dance
10.45am Elisian Butterfly
11am Bashira Bellydance
11.15am Orange Tribal Fusion Bellydance
11.30am Rossco drummers
11.45am to 12.05pm Aziff and Sawat tribes
12.05pm Erin Muir
12.15pm Elisian Butterfly
12.30pm Free Bellydance class
12.45pm Selkie
1pm Buasavanh Tribal Belly dance
1.15pm Erin Muir
1.30pm Elisian Butterfly
1.45pm Orange Tribal Fusion Bellydance
2pm Bashira Bellydance
2.15pm Buasavanh Tribal Belly dance
2.30pm to 3.15pm MayB
3.15pm Orange Tribal Fusion Bellydance

The Kingdom of Ironfest

19 hours 47 minutes ago

the results of a great collaboration between Leonora Godaire & Brigitte Grant Photography at the Ironfest 2017 (April 22 & 23) pre-festival photo-shoot (held a couple of weeks ago) emerge

Couldnt be a hotter day for a shoot , but everyone had so much fun for this! The costumes looked absolutely amazing, 'well done everyone!! Promoshoot for the Ironfest, Theme: 'Lost World'
#brigittegrantphotography #ironfestpromoshoot2017

The Kingdom of Ironfest

1 day 23 hours ago

EnergyAustralia are long-term supporters of Ironfest

There is simply no challenge that human ingenuity can't overcome.