Welcome to Ironfest – April 21-23 2017

“Ironfest is the festival where Anything Goes.”

HuffPost Australia 2016.
Ironfest Lithgow. An arts festival that explores the relationship between humans, metal and identity. Held annually at the Lithgow Showground in the middle of April, it brings together artists, designer-makers, blacksmiths, performers of all kind, musicians, steampunkers, historical re-enactors, machine enthusiasts & hobbyists from all over Australia & the World.

Ironfest 16 (Holy Grail) was another successful event with perfect weather and record crowds. We estimate that over 16,000 people attended. Thanks to every one of you and see you next year for #ironfest17 (Lost World).

Dates: 21, 22 & 23 April
Hrs: TBA
Location: Lithgow Showground
More Info TBA here & www.facebook.com/ironfest

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The Kingdom of Ironfest

1 day 23 hours ago

one day ...

Les Grandes Médiévales D'andilly (officiel) 2016 : Le Condor (OFFICIEL)

Vidéo Gilles de Souvigny pour Fêtes Médiévales

The Kingdom of Ironfest

2 days 3 hours ago

here's a maker
via Linda Hine

I think my blood pressure dropped 20 points watching this.

Spanning tree by ->
#woodcrafting #art

The Kingdom of Ironfest

2 days 4 hours ago

The Kingdom of Ironfest shared Lithgow Tidy Towns Laneways Project's photo.

Another one of this years #lithgowskulls ...

45. Henryk Topolnicki “Ashley & Martin”

Turn up at the auction at Lithgow City Library at 7:30pm on Saturday 29th October for a chance to secure your favourite skull.

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Add some spook to your Halloween with bags of limbs only $12 at the front of our Hut 8. Also ghoulish decorations from 50c. Save money at Reverse Garbage use the spare change for treats! #RGreuse #halloween #ghoulish #Rgmadebyme